The Metric system & the US (First 100 Days in Office, 2036, Executive Order #2)

Stuff You Should Know—I’m listening to it again ,right? Episode “Why isn’t the U.S. on the metric system?”. And I’m hearing all the reasons, and I’m more frustrated with America over it than before, because we are almost there!Turns out that it’s the federal government’s standard for everything, and it’s basically already our official weights and measures system, but private businesses are the only ones to not catch on because it’s expensive! What?! Expensive? Holy crap! That’s it? That’s your big hold-up? Good Gandhi.

Now, I’m not one for compulsion, and I strongly support the maximum amount of freedom with the minimum of government involvement, so although the easiest thing (and possibly the most simple thing) to get America on the party train would be to just executive order that the imperial system is discontinued, I would rather permit the conversion expense to be tax deductible. That’s it! That fixed the whole debacle. No one would have any excuse for abstaining. At least not any excuse I can think of (let me know in the comments if you have one or some).

This is all I’ve got for now on the subject. I’ll update it later if/when I get more. Listen to the podcast and get familiar with the subject; I know it’s not the academic thing to base all my opinion on one source, but both of these guys have degrees in history or anthropology, and they’ve compiled a tonne of research for us already. Scope it out—see watcha think. Peace OUT!


2 thoughts on “The Metric system & the US (First 100 Days in Office, 2036, Executive Order #2)

  1. This winter, when the temperatures approached 0 Fahrenheit, it really started to bug me — what the heck does 0 Fahrenheit mean? 0 Celsius means something. So I changed the temp display on my tablet and computer to C. Wasn’t that hard to deal with, except in talking to others about the weather.


    1. Haha! Man, I hear ya. It’s all arbitrary. How many feet in a mile? Five thousand two hundred and eighty six (or some change). How is that significant? It’s NOT!


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